My name is Earl Tower. I have wanted to be a writer since I was 5, but life had other plans. Through the years I’ve become part military, part scholar, part rustic, and all dreamer, yet always with the desire to express what I see and experience in the world. Now as I enter middle age I find myself returning to my love of history, science fiction, space travel, and the amazing things humans can and have achieved. So I aspire to being a writer again. A full circle is walked from my youth till now.

This website a start; it is not my only start nor my only direction, but serves as one anchor for my aspiration. Upon this website I’ll continue to express old ideas needing of review and ideas yet to be refined; all of which, I hope to add some small measure of thought and expression through wordsmithing.

The website is divided into a number of projects and subjects that draw my interest heavily. So let’s see what I can come up with that might interest a reader.

  • Fission Sail

    The Fission Sail is an odd little idea suggested by the late Dr. Robert Forward to augment existing other sailing propulsion systems such as solar sails. His suggestion was to create a two layered material as part of the sail. The layer toward the forward direction of the ship would be very absorbent of stray […]…